Real Live Roulette Games Broadcast from Real Live Casinos!

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How Does it Work ?

By installing seamless transparent technology on the casino floor we are able to broadcast a real roulette game live on the internet where online players can participate in the game, in realtime and without disrupting the local casino game.

You will notice that players physically in the casino are still able to play the live table, and the dealer is not disturbed from their job of tending to those players, and yet you are part of the action!

We install cameras, microphones and game control hardware at the casino table as well as interface to the roulette wheel with laser sensors which pickup the ball speed and result as it happens, with high precision and reliability we are able to get 100% of the results of the game without interfering with the casinos own operations.

All this means you get the best experience at home of a Real Casino game of Roulette, not a studio, not a fake computer generated game, but a real bricks and mortar casino which you can visit and play!

Good luck!

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